New Construction in Mission Humming Along

New homes, big commercial projects invest millions, create jobs

MISSION, TEXAS – March 13, 2017 – Hundreds of new homes and several large commercial
projects have boosted new construction in the City of Mission to more than $80 million in 2016.

Mission’s $46.41 million in commercial construction – business, industrial and multi-family
projects – was a $20 million increase over 2015. Residential building, which includes single
family homes, added up to a respectable $35.60 million.

The new activity translates to more than just the initial construction valuation. The dirt-turning
projects mean the creation of new jobs in construction and later when business begin operations.
The new developments also increase ad valorem values throughout the city.

“These 2016 construction numbers are significant indications of the growth and activity we are
seeing in Mission,” said Mission EDC CEO Alex Meade. “We have worked hard to position
Mission as a premium place to start or relocate a business by creating opportunities and a
favorable climate to do business and have good quality of life.”

Builders constructed about 250 new homes in Mission in 2016 with April being the best month
by permitting 30 new homes for $3.14 million. Several new Mission CISD facilities and
industrial projects in the Mission Business Park helped boost commercial construction.

Mission, according to the Texas Workforce Commission, is at its highest employment levels
ever. Despite a 6.2 percent unemployment rate in December, nearly 32,000 people had jobs in
the City. Also, Mission’s 6.2 percent annual jobless rate for 2016 is the lowest annual rate in
eight years.

Contact: Alex Meade, CEO Mission EDC, at 956.585.0040 or

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