National & Local Retail Stores Land in Mission

National & local retail stores land in Mission.
Delia’s, Raising Canes, Discount Tire & others mark millions in new investment

MISSION, Texas, February 28, 2017 – Dozens of national and local retail stores have decided in the
last year to open their doors in Mission marking millions of dollars in new investment for the city and
more options and jobs for residents.

Restaurants such as Delia’s Tamales, El Pollo Loco and Raising Canes are building new facilities in the
City of Mission representing several million dollars in new construction. Meanwhile, other retail
outlets like BlueWave Car Wash, Discount Tire, Tru Fit Athletic Club, Texas National Bank, Bert Ogden
Kia and many others have built or have new buildings under way in the city.

The new construction represents Mission’s overall economic vitality, and how the city is an appealing
location for local and national retailers.

“Mission is a dynamic city that remains an attractive location for new businesses to locate and serve
their customers,” said Mission EDC CEO Alex Meade. “The city’s population keeps growing at a rapid
pace, new home construction is steady and new families continue to call Mission home. The Mission
EDC will continue to work with business and the community to create new opportunities.”

Meade added that while some of the city’s larger investments come from bigger businesses, the EDC is
committed to assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses with a variety of programs such as Ruby
Red Ventures, Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship and the Downtown Rent Subsidy program.

Mission’s retail sales collections have remained steady at about $15.1 million over the last few years
despite Mexico peso’s devaluation and fewer visitors to the RGV from that country. But the city
remains poised to grow its retail sector with these new businesses and more to come, especially in the
Shary Road corridor where Mission is developing land around the new Event Center.

Tru Fit Athletic Club, Delia’s Tamales and El Pollo Loco are located along north Conway Road north of
downtown. BlueWave Car Wash, Texas National Bank, Bert Ogden Kia and Raising Canes are located
along the Shary Road corridor between Expressway 83 and Business 83. Discount Tire is located at
Taylor Road the Expressway.

Contact: Alex Meade, CEO Mission EDC, at 956.585.0040 or

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