Mission EDC joins Klosters Innovation Partners

Mission EDC joins Klosters Innovation Partners : Program Director invited to present at prestigious forum

MISSION, TX – January 15, 2018 — Early this year, Mission Economic Development Corporation became a member of Klosters Innovation Partners, an organization focused in creating an environment for leaders to discuss the changes and opportunities offered to societies in the economic and geopolitical transformations of the 21st Century.

The Klosters Innovation Partners (KIP) is an invitation-only organization whose members must have demonstrated a commitment to addressing socioeconomic challenges through innovative business models and approaches. KIP’s goal is to provide a platform and bring together talented change-makers in order to impact the thinking and strategies of policymakers and leaders throughout the world.

In addition to becoming part of a chosen network of innovators, Mission EDC’s Program Director will present on the EDC’s latest program, CREW (Career Readiness and Empowerment of Women), at Davos during the World Economic Forum (WEF). The presentation will be part of a multi-hour session on women and the workforce in which television executives, non-profit founders, and government officials will also participate.

“We are so honored to have Mission EDC as a member and its Program Director, Cristina Garza, as a speaker at our KIP Winter Meeting. Mission EDC is a true visionary, and their perspectives on innovative E-STEAM programs and preparing youth to join the 21st century workforce will be invaluable to our members. We look forward to hosting Cristina in Klosters, and finding opportunities to collaborate with Mission, TX and the Mission EDC,” said KIP founder, Mariam Azarm.

“In the past few years, we have taken a disruptive approach to local economic development,” said Alex Meade, Mission EDC CEO. “We are honored to have our efforts recognized at this scale and to have the opportunity to share the success of our programs with this international group of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and thought leaders.”

Through curated events and ongoing conversations, Mission EDC will also participate in discussions on emerging humanitarian issues and developments in: Arts & Culture, Finance & Monetary Systems, Governance, Media, Social Commons, and Social Impact.

For questions, contact: cgarza@missionedc.com

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