Governor Signs Computer Science Bill Into Law

Governor signs computer science bill into law Computer science classes to count as core credits; press conference Thursday

MISSION, TEXAS – June 12, 2017 – Governor Gregg Abbott has signed into law House Bill 728, legislation that allows school districts state-wide to give students a choice of taking computer science classes to satisfy advanced math and science requirements and count as core credits.

Authored by District 41 State Representative R.D. “Bobby” Guerra, HB 728 does not look to replace science and math as core requirements for students, but provides another tool for high school students to acquire more computer and code training before entering the workforce.

The bill, which the Mission EDC worked on for two legislative sessions, took effect immediately after Governor Abbott signed it into law on May 26.

“This bill is consistent with what business leaders and entrepreneurs already know and that is that students entering the workforce must be computer literate and not just for IT jobs, but a whole spectrum of employment,” said Mission EDC CEO Alex Meade. “Giving students the opportunity to learn more about computers and coding goes a long way in workforce development. Representative Guerra should be commended for his leadership on this issue.”

Rep. Guerra, who represents portions of Mission, carried HB 728 in the Texas House. Meanwhile, State Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa sponsored the bill in the Senate. Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. was also a cosponsor in the Senate. Mission Rep. Sergio Munoz Jr., signed on as a co-author of the bill, and he was a joint author when the bill was first introduced by Guerra in 2015.

The entire RGV delegation was supportive of the bill and with their leadership, the bill received no opposition in either chamber. Meade reiterated his appreciation for Governor Abbott, the RGV delegation, legislative staffers and others who helped with the bill’s passage such as Texas Commissioner for Education Mike Morath and Texas Workforce Commissioner Julian Alvarez.

WHO: State legislators, Texas Workforce Commission, Mission EDC, coding students

WHAT: TX Workforce Commission check presentation for coding, HB 728

WHEN: 10:30 a.m. Thursday, June 15

WHERE: Mission EDC CEED Building, 801 N. Bryan Road, Mission

Contact: Alex Meade, CEO Mission EDC, at 956.585.0040 or

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