5×5 Brewing Co. is a small business located inside the Mission CEED building. Founded by George Rice, a Valley-born veteran, Matt Mazur and Matt Bowling, 5×5 Brewing Co. is the largest distributing brewery in the area. 

5×5 Brewing Co. is one of a number of businesses the Mission EDC has supported over recent years. This relationship began in 2017, when 5×5 Brewing Co. sought a new space to call their own. Mission EDC assisted with incubation, providing the funding to help this small business establish its roots within the CEED building. 

Over time, 5×5 Brewing Co. has experienced exponential growth, with some of its products distributed in bars and restaurants across Texas, as well as large-chain grocery stores, such as H-E-B. 5×5 Brewing Co. continues to make waves across the state, and the Mission EDC is happy to have this veteran-owned business play a significant role in Mission Food Park’s success.


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